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Come and join our party! - a celebration of Edinburgh & #Edinhour (Image: royalty free clipart/Rob Wilkinson) t.






THURSDAY April 13th

"Celebrate in Edinburgh"

Our new format Thursday #Edinhour is established now and will again include questions, challenges and quizzes.

Celebrate in Edinburgh, Celebrate Edinburgh. Come along and help us celebrate our 4th birthday! What better opportunity to look at how to celebrate in our beautiful city. Whether its Hogmanay, Christmas or something personal - why come here for that special birthday, anniversary or wedding or honeymoon- where to go, what to see and what to do!!   

Future Themes

9pm: It would be good if you could introduce yourself (eg name/org, what you do, area and 1st half of your postcode, remember to add '#EdinHour') or just let us know you're there!

9.05: D1. The first stage of this month's Edinburgh picture- solution at 9.55 after less obscured views #Edinhour

9.10: Q1. Why choose to come to Edinburgh for your personal celebration & what could you do while here? #Edinhour

9.15: S1. The first clue to this months mystery Edinburgh building/location- solution after more clues #Edinhour

9.20: D2. The second stage of this month's Edinburgh picture, a little less obscured #Edinhour

9.25: S2. The 2nd clue to this months Edinburgh building or location #Edinhour

9.30 Q2. From Christmas & Hogmanay to Samhuinn, do we know how to throw a party in the Festival City? #Edinhour

9.35 P1. Solve these Edinburgh Anagrams and identify the connection! #Edinhour

9.40 D3.The third stage of this month's Edinburgh picture, see it yet? #Edinhour

9.45 S3. The 3rd clue to this months Edinburgh building or location #Edinhour

9.50 Q3. Let's celebrate our city- just what is unique and great about Edinburgh? #Edinhour

9.55 Solutions to this months distorted picture (D), mystery clues (S) and anagrams (P) #Edinhour

9.00 - 10.00 Share pictures of Edinburgh, this month how about some celebration pictures! #Edinhour





Calendar of Future #EdinHour themes

#Edinhour takes place on the second Thursday of each month - from 21.00 - 22.00

April 13th "Celebrate in Edinburgh"
May 9th "Food & Drink in Edinburgh"
June 8th "Edinburgh- A Festival for Every Month"
July, August, September... Got an idea for a future theme? - let us know!