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Image: The Castle lit up for the Miltary Tattoo as the end of show fireworks go off overhead. @Drrobwilkinson)






THURSDAY July 13th

"Edinburgh Through the Lens"

Our new format Thursday #Edinhour is established now and will again include questions, challenges and quizzes.

July will feature our photo special. Details here soon!   

Future Themes

9pm: It would be good if you could introduce yourself (eg name/org, what you do, area and 1st half of your postcode, remember to add '#EdinHour') or just let us know you're there!

9.05: D1. The first stage of this month's Edinburgh picture- solution at 9.55 after less obscured views #Edinhour

9.10: Q1. TBC #Edinhour

9.15: S1. The first clue to this months mystery Edinburgh building/location- solution after more clues #Edinhour

9.20: D2. The second stage of this month's Edinburgh picture, a little less obscured #Edinhour

9.25: S2. The 2nd clue to this months Edinburgh building or location #Edinhour

9.30 Q2. TBC #Edinhour

9.35 P1. Solve these Edinburgh Anagrams and identify the connection! #Edinhour

9.40 D3.The third stage of this month's Edinburgh picture, see it yet? #Edinhour

9.45 S3. The 3rd clue to this months Edinburgh building or location #Edinhour

9.50 Q3. TBC #Edinhour

9.55 Solutions to this months distorted picture (D), mystery clues (S) and anagrams (P) #Edinhour

9.00 - 10.00 Share pictures of Edinburgh, this month how about some 'on-location' food & drink! #Edinhour





Calendar of Future #EdinHour themes

#Edinhour takes place on the second Thursday of each month - from 21.00 - 22.00

June 8th #Edinhour is taking a break for June
July 14th "Edinburgh Through the Lens"
August 10th "Edinburgh- The Festival City"
September 14th "Edinburgh's transport past & present"
October, November, December...# Got an idea for a future theme? - let us know!